US Roster Break Down

With the end of January camp being the time for the MLS based roster to prove their worth in getting on the team, this training seems to be the opposite from the European based contingent. ┬áThe only MLS people included were those who were either still in Europe at the time (Bradley) or were on […]

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The Bachelor Is Not Over Yet

(So, I’m still a week behind) A little over a week ago the Bachelor went to New Zealand!!! The first one-on-one date was with the lawyer, which PISSED OFF the babytalker, who really thought she deserved the one-on-one so Juan Pablo could make her feel less bad about them fighting. Equally angry about not being […]

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Questions Ahead of Ukraine

As we draw nearer to the March 5th friendly in Ukraine, two major questions are quickly coming to the forefront of USA Soccer. #1: Are we really doing this? Ukraine has been bordering on unstable for the last few months, and as of this week has become a pretty freaking dangerous place to be. Violent […]

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Ugh The Bachelor

You might have noticed that I’ve lagged behind a few weeks in the Bachelor roundups. Well, my friends, this show is boring. Last night I resolved to catch myself up via hulu, but much to my chagrin it seems that hulu doesn’t let you watch free episodes until they are one week old. Therefore, I […]

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Bachelor Recap: Seoul Mates

Just for you, I spent two hours of my life watching the Bachelor again last night. At the very beginning of the episode we see the girls being told they’re going to Korea! (Super good timing since the USMNT plays Korea this weekend! Did they mention that for the cross promotion? No.) The ladies were […]

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Bachelor Recap

This week, even before the TV show, we saw some pretty serious tarnish emerge on bachelor Juan Pablo’s halo. I have to admit, it made watching the show a lot less fun. That said, I battled through and watched the whole two hours and now have this recap for you, adoring readers! So first JP […]

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