Game Recap Mexico Tie!

…and ties, YOU BETCHA!

In full honesty, loyal mighty mighty mites I did not actually watch this game.  I instead went to see Grand Budapest Hotel, which is a very good movie, but in no way Wes Anderson’s best work.  But well worth watching.  I’d guess based on the reviews I read that it was equivalent to watching the first half of this game.

Anyway, here are my thoughts, based on reading other people’s thoughts.  Julian Green, not ready, but exciting, and so maybe ready as a super sub in late game need a goal emergency (although why did we give up on our favorite Kevin Bacon look alike?).  People love Wondo again, so that’s good I guess.  I’m not sold on him as a sub though, but as an alternate starter to Jozy like Beth suggests in case something bad happened to Jozy, then I guess he’s worth having on the roster.

The other thing is we are bad at defense.  But this isn’t new.  Why did we suddenly think we were good?  Does Beasley actually just make our team better by being faster than the Flash so when he isn’t around everyone falls apart?

Anyway, it’s early in the MLS season and since all our guys play in the MLS now, or are German, I think we can be reasonably excited about peaking at the right time, so we have that going for us.  I’ll watch next time I promise.

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