USA World Cup Roster

When you occasionally write for a blog about the USMNT then when something shocking happens in the world of USMNT people ask you all sorts of questions.  Let’s try to answer those with very opinion based thinking.  The TL;DR version of all this, is I don’t know so I’ll trust Klinsmann. The first thing people […]

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Game Recap Mexico Tie!

…and ties, YOU BETCHA! In full honesty, loyal mighty mighty mites I did not actually watch this game.  I instead went to see Grand Budapest Hotel, which is a very good movie, but in no way Wes Anderson’s best work.  But well worth watching.  I’d guess based on the reviews I read that it was […]

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tHERSday: Tim Howard

  After slogging through the least-interesting bachelor season to date (only to find that star Juan Pablo really wasn’t even crush-worthy), we all deserve a good dose of tHERSday. And what better hands to be in than those of our trusty-true longterm goal keeper, Tim Howard? …who, coincidentally, has a BIRTHDAY TODAY!!

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